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Special Events Quilt Pinning Ceremony
  • Transplant Games Quilt Program

The TGA Donor Quilts are a beautiful way for donor families, friends and transplant recipients to pay tribute to their loved ones. The quilts are meant to honor those heroes who, through their gift offer others a second chance at life.

We encourage each team to bring a donor quilt to be on display during the Transplant Games. In addition, we encourage individuals to create a donor quilt square which they will be able to pin at the official TGA Quilt Pinning Ceremony. The pinned quilt squares will be combined with other squares creating an entire Transplant Games Donor Quilt.

Each quilt square visually tells the story of an individual donor. Together they represent the spirit of giving through the act of organ, tissue, corneal and bone marrow donation. These quilts travel to various locations in conjunction with the Games to pay special tribute to our loved ones and to help raise awareness about the critical need for organ donation.

Getting Started:

Bring a Completed Quilt for Display:
If you wish to have a quilt on display during the Transplant Games, please submit the Release Form (required), the Quilt Information Form (required), and a picture of your quilt (optional). Be sure your quilt is clearly marked with your name and telephone number attached to the back. You must check in your quilt (and stand) at the TGA office in San Diego Convention Center. Details can be found on the Quilt Information Form noted above.
Create a Donor Quilt Square:
If you’re interested in creating a quilt square for the Quilt Pinning Ceremony, please fill out the Release Form (required).  Bring your square with you if you plan to participate in the official Quilt Pinning Ceremony. If you are unable to participate in the ceremony, but still have interest in creating a square, you will have to check in your quilt square at the TGA Office in the San Diego Convention Center. 
Quilt Squares may be any fabric type or color – we recommend white muslin or 100% cotton for easy transfers. The square must be 10 x 10 inches, leaving a ¼ inch on all four sides (for sewing purposes). If the size exceeds this requirement, the square may be altered to fit the designated area or will be left out of the finished quilt. Please be sure not to “finish” the square with quilting or backing.
Items you may wish to use:
Paint (no water colors)
Fabric Pens/Markers or Permanent markers
Photos – see FAQs on how to transfer photos to fabric
Memorabilia – pieces of clothing, baby blanket, sports gear, logos, etc.
Please do NOT use any of the following:
Paper or photos that are not laminated
*These items are not easily secured and tend to fall off when transporting.           
Quilt Pinning Ceremony: TBD                    
Transplant recipients and donor families/friends are encouraged to create a quilt square, honoring those who have lost their lives to provide the gift of life to others. During the ceremony, each member will have the opportunity to pin their square to the TGA quilt, which will be completed after the event. The ceremony will honor these heroes and allow time for reflection.
Please see our frequently asked questions for more information on quilts and quilt squares!