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Solid Organ Transplant Recipients

Youth, Men's and Women’s Singles

Entry Regulations:
1. Must be registered as a competitor for table tennis.

1. All matches will be self-officiated. The tournament director will moderate all disputes.
2. Participants will play in a double elimination bracket within their age group and gender category. 
3. Matches will be best 2 out 3, played to 11. 
4. Servers must play the ball off their side first over the net. The ball can hit anywhere on the opponents side of the table after it goes over the net. 
5. Cannot serve to win. 

Medals will be awarded to first, second, and third by gender and age group.

Sport Guidelines:
1. Players must provide their own paddles. 
2. Paddles must be different colored sides. 
3. No sandpaper paddles are permitted.

Sport Rules:
The United States Table Tennis Association rules apply ( With some modifications.

Once an event is completed and results are available, table tennis staff must record all competitors and scores to the appropriate system/documents. When electronic scoring is being utilized a manual backup system must be in place to record results.

When available, during the course of competition, sports directors may post results (identified as preliminary) for public and competitor review. 

Upon conclusion of the day’s competition, sports directors must submit final results for each event. Manual documents must be signed and dated by the appropriate staff member. Results will be reviewed for accuracy and posted in the TGA Village.

**Rules and format are subject to change and may be modified based on each competition.