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Transplant Recipients, Living Donors, Corneal, Tissue Recipients,
Bone Marrow Recipients, and International 

Ages 18 & up; men and women. 

Entry Regulations:
1. Must be registered as a competitor for Texas hold'em poker.

1. The object of the game is to be declared the winner and collect all the chips that were placed in the ‘pot.’
2. The player with all the chips at the end is the winner or the player with the most chips after the four hour block will be considered the winner.
3. A standard 52-card deck will be used for 2-10 players each round.
4. The game requires a dealer (D), a small blind (SB), and a big blind (BB) player.
5. Each player is dealt two cards facedown, known as ‘pocket cards’ or ‘holecards.’ 
6. The next phase involves the dealing of five ‘community cards’ face up in the middle of the table, known as ‘the board.’ 
7. Three cards are dealt face up, known as the ‘flop.’  A fourth card is dealt face up, known as the ‘turn.’  The fifth and final card exposed face up is known as the ‘river.’ 
8. Players must make the best five-card poker hand by using any combination from the seven cards available. 
9. Each player can use one, both, or neither of his/her 2 holecards to make his/her five-card poker hand. 
10. The last player remaining with cards or the player with the winning hand is awarded the pot.

Medaling is not division specific and will be awarded by gender and age categories only.

Once an event is completed and results are available, Texas Hold-em staff must record all competitors and times/scores to the appropriate system/documents. When electronic scoring is being utilized a manual backup system must be in place to record results.

When available, during the course of competition, sports directors may post results (identified as preliminary) for public and competitor review. 

Upon conclusion of the day’s competition, sports directors must submit final results for each event. Manual documents must be signed and dated by the appropriate staff member. Results will be reviewed for accuracy and posted in the TGA Village.

**Rules and format are subject to change and may be modified based on each competition.